Welcome to our family...

     At the Tiffin-Seneca Child Care Center, we believe that we act as a large extended family. Yes, we exist to provide excellent daycare for your children but we also consider all members of your family to be a part of our family. We see families change and grow, we get to know grandparents, we welcome new siblings, and we even become friends with the family pet.

     A huge part of creating that family atmosphere comes from our dedicated staff. Our teachers spend a great deal of their time customizing their curriculum and working to nurture the learning process for each individual student. The infant room teachers know exactly how each infant likes to fall asleep, the toddler teachers have specific goals for each child and the preschool spends time adapting their lessons for a range of intellectual levels in their group.

     It's also important to note that we provide a great service by being affiliated with the USDA Food Program so we can serve meals. This service is included in the tuition cost and we are able to stay competitive by not charging extra for meals. Our nutrition aide is a wonderful cook, and is the first one to greet each family in the morning. The smells coming from the kitchen make the Center feel like you're at grandma's house. 
     We look forward to welcoming you to our family at the Tiffin-Seneca Child Care Center!

- Kelly Schwab, Director